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Lake Turkana – Safari to the Jade Sea


Trip duration

5 days/ 4 nights

The Lake Turkana Safari can be combined with our Masai Mara Widllife Safari.




On this day you will enjoy a nice morning flight from Nairobi to Lodwar Airstrip. You will be met by your guide and drive onwards to your lodge, located nearby. You will stop briefly to enjoy the huge Turkwell River.

In the afternoon, enjoy a hike to the Lodwar View-point hill. This hill allows for a very leisurely hike to the top, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the entire Lodwar town and the vast land beyond. You will enjoy a beautiful sunset here and then drive back to the lodge for dinner. There is also a monument here that resembles the famous Christ The Redeemer Art Deco statue in Rio de Jenairo, Brazil.

Night in Lodwar.

Lake Turkana


You will then drive to the fishing village of Kalokol, where you will enjoy the warm waters of Lake Turkana; as you see the local ways of life. On the way, you will enjoy learning about the local sites and landscapes. You will stop briefly at the standing stones of Namorutunga, a Turkana cultural site believed to be over 2,000 years old.

Lake Turkana is a 250 kilometres-long lake, making it the largest desert lake in the World. The lake and its national parks are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also known as Lake Rudolf. The name Jade Sea comes from the blue-green colour of the lake’s water. The lake has three islands namely North Island, Central Island and South Island. The first is inhabited by people, while the latter two are national parks.

You will catch a boat at Kalokol and drive across the scenic lake towards Central Island National Park. Central Island is nicknamed the “gem of Lake of Turkana”. Waterbirds will keep you entertained the entire way. You will enjoy a leisurely walk here together with a wildlife ranger, who will help you navigate the island.

Depending on the available amount of time, you may choose to visit the Flamingo Crater Lake, or the Crocodile Crater Lake, or the less-visited Tilapia Crater Lake. Here you will enjoy the pink flocks of flamingos. The island is also a breeding site for Nile Crocodiles; and is often famed as the World’s largest “Crocodile Nursery”.

Later in the afternoon, you will continue by boat to Eliye Springs at the shores of Lake Turkana.

Night at Eliye Springs or Lobolo.


On this day, you will enjoy a relaxed time at the shores of Lake Turkana. Enjoy learning about the lake from our hosts and also take part in different activities at the lodge. For most people, a swim at the natural spring swimming pool is a preferred activity.

Eliye Springs or Ille Springs is a nice oasis located near the edges of Lake Turkana. The local palm trees are often full of birds chirping away; as the cool sea breezes by.

Lobolo Swamp is a very scenic oasis along the sandy shores of Lake Turkana. Here you will enjoy flamingos and other waterbirds alongside the towering doum palms.

You may also enjoy a meal of the delicious Nile Perch and Tilapia fish species. Later, you may choose to enjoy a community walk around Eliye Springs, with a local guide. You will enjoy a sundowner along the shores of the lake.

Night at Eliye Springs or Lobolo.


Enjoy a relaxed breakfast at Eliye Springs. You will then drive through the dry countryside towards Lodwar. On the way, you will visit a local Turkana Village, where you will interact with the local community members and learn about their culture.

In the afternoon, enjoy a walk in Lodwar town, as you visit the local markets. Here you meet local women who are making exciting crafts to help them earn a living and support their community in whole.

You will also visit the Lodwar Museum and learn about the history of this place with your guide.

Night in Lodwar.


After a nice breakfast served at our lodge, we shall pack up ready for our journey back to Nairobi.

We shall then transfer to the Lodwar Airstrip, where we shall catch a flight to Nairobi- marking the end to our lovely Lake Turkana Safari.



Extension options:-

Turkana always has more to offer and for the more adventurous teams, you may choose to do more activities here. This will require some extra nights and on some activities, you may require outdoor camping or basic bandas to help you reach all sites. The extension options available include the following:-

  1. Nariokotome (the famous “Turkana Boy” site) – enjoy the site of the most complete skeleton of a 1.5-1.6 million year-old skeleton of Homo erectus. The skeleton of the 11-13 year-old Homo erectus was discovered in the year 1984. On the way, you will visit the scenic Ferguson’s Gulf and interact with the local fishermen as you enjoy the local waterbirds. You will also spend some time at the big compound of the Catholic mission station of Nariokotome. This place is often paraphrased as ‘Little Spain’. The missionaries here have a farm where they grow dates, olives and coconuts. At the beach here in Nariokotome, a small lagoon is often full with flamingos and other waterbirds. From here, you can also view the beautiful North Island, across the lake.  
  2. Sibiloi National Park (the “Cradle of Mankind”) – enjoy the petrified forest, views of Mt. Sibiloi, Koobi Fora Museum, Elephant Archeological Site, Tortoise Archeological Site and Crocodile Archeological Site. The wildlife here is scanty but you may be lucky to find Bright’s Gazelles, Beisa Oryx and Greater Kudu.
  3. Turkana Basin Institute (TBI) – you can plan a day visit to the research facility where many Scientists spend months working on paleontology and archeology. The center was started by Dr. Richard Leakey, a famous Kenyan Paleoanthropologist.
  4. Lokichogio – for a feel of the edge of the Northern territory where Kenya meets South Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia. You can stay at Lokichogio and spend a day or two exploring the local area.
  5. Sport Fishing – if you love sport fishing, Lake Turkana is a lovely place for this activity. You will embark on a fishing expedition from the lodge as you seek the best spots for Tilapia, Tiger Fish, Catfish and Nile Perch; among other local fish species. If you would like an overnight fishing experience, it can also be arranged with a fly camp where you spend one night fishing.

Please alert our safari team if you are interested in the extensions and we shall advise you on the best way to enjoy Lake Turkana and beyond.