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About Bovid Africa Safaris

Bovid Africa Safaris

Bovid Africa Safaris is a dedicated safari company, based in East Africa, with a goal of helping you enjoy the best of Africa. We run professional safaris across the entire Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. The company is fully registered as a Limited Company and has attained all legal requirements to enable you enjoy your safari with ease and comfort. When you travel with us, you just have to relax and enjoy the safari experience.

Our safari team is made up of the best local talent in each of the countries we operate i.e. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. This ensures that you get the best safari planning, safari guiding skills; and also a bonus of having locals rich with indigenous knowledge about their home countries. All our safari guides are fully certified and our company conducts regular training to make sure the guides are updated on market trends and African safaris knowledge.

All our safaris contribute to Sustainability and Conservation Projects here in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

Africa Safaris

Our safaris have become a top choice for all travelers seeking an adventurous, yet fully informational experience in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. We pride ourselves for knowing not just the big animals, but also smaller species such as birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians. Our safari guides are also very passionate on the botany and geology of the region; and they ensure you get a wholesome experience to nature. All our safari guides are skilled persons who regularly take part in many research and conservation projects. A key project for our team members is the Virtual Museum for Africa where our safari guides take part in mapping species across the continent, be it plants, animals or even fungi.

We offer a good variety of tours on our website for you to choose from (kindly see our safaris tab for a great selection of the best African Safaris and Tours). These are Africa safaris that have been selected based on the more popular destinations and holiday types. Most of our past guests have done one or more of these safaris and we have thus refined them based on the feedback of our past groups. This has ensured that these safaris are well planned and every logistics details are in place to ensure you have a smooth safari. Indeed, when you choose our website tours, you are assured of amazing Africa safaris.

We also have some scheduled African safaris listed on our Safari Calendar; where you can select a joining tour. Kindly contact us today to learn more about our scheduled safaris.

Tailor-made Safaris

If you do not find a tour that suits your needs well, from among our listed safaris, please get in touch with us to arrange your tailor-made safari. We are known for the best tailor-made safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. This is where you simply tell us what you would like to experience and our safari team works with you to develop the best trip for your group.

Even better, is that you do not need to actually know everything about the type of safari you would like to enjoy. You may just have a simple clue that you want to see leopards, for example. On top of this, you may also want to swim at the beautiful coastal beaches of Kenya. With this basic information, our experienced safari team will develop some great options for you and discuss with you until your perfect safari is set and ready.

Budget Safaris

We also offer Africa safaris that ensure you enjoy a great trip within a limited budget. You may have that dream holiday that you want to enjoy, but you may not have the funds to cater for a regular safari. Our safari team will ensure that they develop a customised trip within your budget. This has helped many of our guests enjoy luxurious and educational Africa safaris within their own budget.

Our budget safaris do not compromise your comfort, safety or guiding skills. All our guests enjoy the services of our best safari guides and travel in our best safari vehicles. We select the best choice of accommodations, that are within your budget. We also ensure that you will have clean and adequate food and water throughout your Africa safaris.

Please contact us today and enjoy a safari experience like no other; in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.