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Tsavo East National Park Day Tour



Kenya Safari

Leaving early, we shall head to the amazing Tsavo East National Park. This is the largest national park in Kenya, occupying an area of 13,747 square kilometres.

On the way, we shall drive along the scenic landscapes of Coastal Kenya, which are often patterned by baobab trees. The baobab tree is actually regarded as a sacred tree in most parts of East Africa and the local communities value this tree highly. There is an old folklore that describes the baobab tree as being planted upside down; because its branches often look like roots.

Tsavo East National Park is bathed by the massive Athi-Galana-Sabaki River, which serves as the lifeline of this great park.

This amazing park is often nick-named “Theatre of the Wild”. It is indeed an amazing place and the local wildlife is often easy to see because of the open nature of this savannah.

We shall enjoy game drives here looking for mammals such as Cheetah, African Lion, Leopard, Savannah Elephant, Gerenuk, African Buffalo, Fringe-eared Oryx and Tana Gazelle.

Due to the local geology, most parts of Tsavo East National Park are covered in red soil. This often covers the fur of the local animals making them appear red. The local elephants are in fact nicknamed “red elephants’.

Another amazing feature of Tsavo East National Park is the 300 kilomtere long Yatta Plateau- the longest lava flow in the entire World.

Tsavo East National Park is also amazing with its birdlife; and we can expect spectacular species such as Northern Carmine Bee-eater, Von der Decken’s Hornbill and Red-and-yellow Barbet.

Along the fringes of the local rivers and swampy ponds, we may be lucky to find Nile Hippos and Nile Crocodiles competing for wetland dominance.

If time allows, you will visit the beautiful Lugard Falls, located within the park. This is a series of white water rapids, along the Galana River, named after Frederick Lugard.

We shall enjoy picnic lunch inside the park surrounded by endless plains.

Later in the afternoon, we shall exit the park and drive back to our hotel, marking the end to our lovely Tsavo East National Park Day Tour.


Highlight birds

Northern Carmine Bee-eater, Golden Palm Weaver, Abyssinian Scimitarbill, Von der Decken’s Hornbill, Red-and-yellow Barbet, White-headed Vulture, Broad-billed Roller

Highlight mammal and others

Savannah Elephant, Cheetah, Cape Buffalo, Maasai Giraffe, Nile Hippo, African Lion

Habitats covered

Savannah, Semi-arid Scrubland, Wetlands

Photographic opportunities


Special moments

Red Elephants, Galana River



Extension options:-

This tour can be extended to allow you spend a night or more at the beautiful Tsavo East National Park. This will allow you more time to enjoy the local wildlife and landscapes.  You may also choose to extend your tour to other neighbouring parks and conservancies. These may include the following options:-


  1. Tsavo West National Park and Ngulia Valley Rhino Sanctuary
  2. Taita Hills Conservancy
  3. LUMO Conservancy
  4. Amboseli National Park, at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Please contact us today and our safari team will help you plan the best extension options.