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Tarangire National Park Day Tour



Tarangire National Park Day Tour

Leaving Arusha early in the morning, we shall carry on to Tarangire National Park, where some great mammals and birds will be awaiting us.

Tarangire National Park is a large ecosystem, occupying 2,850 square kilometres. It has the second largest concentration of wildlife after the mighty Serengeti National Park.

This park is indeed known for many Elephants and Baobab trees. Tarangire National Park is also a wide migratory corridor for different animals moving between Southern and Northern Tanzania. We shall enjoy the day in the park on game drives across different habitats, searching for African Elephants, Blue Wildebeests, Cape Buffalo, Common Impala, Common Eland and Common Zebra.

Termite mounds are often occupied by Dwarf Mongoose colonies; and nearby Sausage Trees may be hosting an African Rock Python or Leopard.

Big game will be encountered in plenty as well as beautiful birds as we transect the park. We shall also enjoy driving along the Tarangire River, which serves as the lifeline of this great park. The local Acacia woodland is also very graceful. If time allows, we may visit the Tarangire Swamp, where many animals often congregate to feed on the evergreen marshes.

We shall enjoy our picnic lunch at one of the local sites within the Tarangire National Park.

Later in the afternoon, we shall exit the park and head back to your hotel in Arusha; marking the end to our Tarangire National Park Day Tour.


Highlight birds

Yellow-collared Lovebird, Woodland Kingfisher, White-headed Buffalo-Weaver, Brown Snake Eagle, Southern Ground Hornbill, Meyer’s Parrot, Southern Red Bishop, Red and Yellow Barbet, Rufous-tailed Weaver, Ashy Starling

Highlight mammals and others

African Elephant, Dwarf Mongoose, Leopard, African Lion, Cape Buffalo, Cheetah

Habitats covered

Savannah, Semi-arid Scrubland, Wetlands

Photographic opportunities


Special moments

Baobab Trees, Tarangire River