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Ngorongoro Crater Day Tour



Ngorongoro Crater Day Tour

Leaving Arusha early in the morning, we shall carry on to the amazing Ngorongoro Crater, where some great wildlife and thrilling landscapes will be awaiting us.

On arrival at the gate, we shall have an opportunity to learn about the crater and also view models of the entire area with our guide.

This is a large and scenic crater located at about 2000m above sea level. This crater is about 600m deep and has an amazing view both from the top and inside the crater. The crater is nestled in a pristine natural forest, full of beautiful indigenous trees. The crater is known as one of the wonders of Africa.

We shall descend the majestic Ngorongoro Crater as we enjoy game viewing from our comfortable safari vehicle. Descending down the crater floor takes you through great scenery and you get to experience the local Euphorbia tree varieties.

Herds of wild animals are plenty inside the crater as well as wonderful views of the crater walls. Look out for the local African Lions, Cheetah, Savannah Elephants, Black Rhinos, Common Zebras, assorted Gazelles, Nile Hippos and Wildebeests.

At the beautiful Lake Magadi, located at the heart of the crater, flocks of waterbirds congregate each season. At a good time of the year, flocks of pink flamingos may be seen here.

We shall spend most of the day enjoying game drives in the crater. In the afternoon, we shall ascend to the crater’s rim enjoying some more highland forest wildlife, such as the local monkeys.

We shall enjoy our picnic lunch at one of the local sites within the Ngorongoro Crater.

Later in the afternoon, we shall exit the park and head back to your hotel in Arusha, marking the end to our Ngorongoro Crater Day Tour.


Highlight birds

Grey Crowned Crane, Fan-tailed Widowbird, Kori Bustard, Secretarybird, Rosy-breasted Longclaw, Lesser Flamingo, Greater Flamingo, Chestnut-banded Plover, Rufous-tailed Weaver

Highlight mammals and others

African Elephant, Cheetah, Serval, African Golden Wolf, Leopard, Maasai Giraffe, African Lion, Black Rhino, Cape Buffalo

Habitats covered

Savannah, Highland Forest, Wetlands

Photographic opportunities


Special moments

Ngorongoro Crater, African Big Five