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Mt. Kenya National Park Day Tour


Mt. Kenya National Park Day Tour

Our Mt. Kenya National Park Day Tour visits the second-highest Mountain in Africa. We shall enjoy a leisurely exploration of this majestic landscape, with several walking sections and picnic sites. We shall also enjoy a drive up the mountain to about 3,000 metres, as we enjoy montane mammals and beautiful birds.

Mt. Kenya rises to a peak of 5,199 metres above sea level. The mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mt. Kenya is an extinct volcano (3.1-2.6 million years ago). It is thought that when it rose to full height, before eruption, Mt. Kenya was around 6,500 metres above sea level. Mt. Kenya has about 20 glacial tarns (small montane lakes) of varying sizes; but the glaciers on the mountain are receding gradually. The top peaks of Mt. Kenya include Batian (5,199 metres above sea level), Nelion (5,188 metres above sea level) and Lenana (4,985 metres above sea level).

On our Mt. Kenya National Park Day Tour, we shall enjoy crossing various habitats:- tropical rainforest, bamboo zone, hagenia forest, heather forest and moorland vegetation. We shall enjoy splendid landscape views as we move up the mountain; and will also enjoy the local Giant Lobelia flowers.

We shall leave Nairobi early and head to Mt. Kenya National Park. We shall enjoy roadstops to view sites and landscapes such as the Equator Crossing and Aberdares Ranges.

In the later afternoon, we shall drive back to Nairobi, marking the end to our exciting Mt. Kenya National Park Day Tour.



Highlight mammals and others

Cape Buffalo, Bush Duiker, Common Bushbuck, Mt. Kenya Kolb’s Monkey, Mt. Kenya Guereza Colobus Monkey, Common Zebra, Defassa Waterbuck

Highlight birds

Hartlaub’s Turaco, Golden-winged Sunbird, Crowned Hornbill, Red-fronted Parrot, Jackson’s Francolin

Habitats covered

Wetlands, Highland Rainforest, Bamboo Forest, Alpine Moorlands, Highland Grasslands

Photographic opportunities


Special moments

African Big game, Kenya’s beautiful birds, Mt. Kenya, Aberdare Ranges views, Equator Crossing




The Mt. Kenya National Park Day Tour can be extended to allow you spend one or more nights inside the park. This allows you to do more hikes, game drives or other activities of choice.

You may also choose to add more parks and other attractions, to complement your visit to Mt. Kenya National Park. These may include the following listed sites:-

  1. Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary
  2. Aberdare National Park
  3. Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Reserves
  4. Meru National Park
  5. Ngare Ndare Forest

Please contact us if you would like an extension and our safari team will advise on the best combination for you to maximise your experience.