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Hyrax Hill and Kariandusi Pre-Historic Sites Day Tour



Kariandusi Pre-Historic Sites Day Tour

This is an exciting day tour, to Nakuru County of Kenya; focused on pre-history learning experiences. You will leave early from Nairobi and drive into the Great Rift Valley, as you enjoy beautiful landscapes.

You will start at the Hyrax Hill Museum, where you will learn about the lifestyle of seasonal settlement by prehistoric people at least 3,000 years old. The present day museum sits on a former farmhouse by the Late Mr. A. Selfe. There is evidence that a lake occupied this area about 8,500 years ago. There are pre-historic finds here dating back up to the Neolithic period. As the name goes, the hill indeed has abundant hyraxes.

You will then head to Kariandusi Museum. This is an archaeological site hosting records from the Lower Paleolithic. It is believed that this area had large water basins. It is believed that a lake level rise drove off the pre-historic men, and they left their tools behind. It is one of the oldest in situ Acheulian sites in East Africa (700,000 to 1 million years old).

Later in the afternoon, you return back to Nairobi city- marking the end of our lovely Hyrax Hill and Kariandusi Pre-historic Sites Day Tour.


Highlight birds

Grey-backed Fiscal, Tawny Eagle, Hybrid Lovebird, African Hoopoe, Klaas’s Cuckoo

Highlight mammals and others

Maasai Giraffe, Common Zebra, Common Impala, Cape Buffalo, Olive Baboon

Habitats covered

Wetlands, Savannah, Escarpments

Photographic opportunities


Special moments

Hyrax Hill Pre-historic Site, Kariandusi Pre-historic Site, The Great Rift Valley