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Frequently Asked Safari Questions

When planning your African Safaris, there are always many questions crossing your mind. We at Bovid Africa Safaris have been running tours in East Africa for many years; and have developed a list of frequently asked safari questions. This will help you get those neat details when planning for your upcoming tours. If we have not answered a specific question that your may have, please contact us and our safari team will assist:- info@bovidafricasafaris.com or bovidafricasafaris@gmail.com


  1. Who is the tour operator for my safari program (required for visa application purposes)? All safari programs will be provided by Bovid Africa Safaris LTD (www.bovidafricasafaris.com). For any inquiries or clarifications on the tour programs, kindly email info@bovidafricasafaris.com or bovidafricasafaris@gmail.com
  2. How big will our safari group be? Your specific safari will state the details of the group size. For clarifications on your exact tour group, kindly contact our office.
  3. What is included in my tour price? Please see all our inclusions and exclusions here.
  4. How do I make tips during my safari? Tips on safaris are a local custom in East Africa; but tips are not mandatory and nobody should solicit guests for tips on any of our tours. If you would like to offer a tip to any person who offered great service during your tour; here are our guidelines:- (Bar tips can be 1 US Dollar at the bar after your drinks session. Waiters and luggage porters can be tipped 1 – 5 US Dollars per meal sitting or per luggage porterage. Safari driver-guides can be tipped 5 to 10 US Dollars per guest per day. Smaller groups of 2 to 3 pax per vehicle may consider the higher tip range; while bigger groups of 4 to 6 pax per vehicle may tip on the lower range. This accounts for the extra dedicated service given to smaller groups). Please note that this is just a rough guide; but the specific tip amounts can vary depending on how you evaluated the service provided or other local factors. You will be the final decision-maker on the tipping amounts and please feel comfortable because any tip amount will always be greatly appreciated with a warm heart and an African smile. All tips can be paid in any currency; Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Franc, Yen or local Shillings.
  5. Can I arrive a few days before my safari starts or add more nights after the tour? Yes, our safari team can help you book extra accommodation and transfers a few days before your tour starts or after your safari. If you would like to arrange your extra nights or extra/ private airport-hotel transfers, kindly contact us.
  6. What activities can I do before my main safari starts? We have different activities you can enjoy before your safari starts. Click here to see some sample activities. You can also get several tailor-made activities and our safari team is always at hand to assist you choose your additional activities.
  7. What should I pack for my safari? We have a detailed list of items to pack and bring along on your tours. Please click here to view.
  8. What vaccinations do I need for my safari? All countries in East Africa require Yellow Fever immunisation certificates. Depending on your connection flights, you may also need Oral Polio vaccination certificates. Please contact your airline or flight booking agent for details on connecting flights.
  9. Can I get vegetarian or vegan diet on my safari? Yes, all our lodges allow for different diet choices and you can request for vegetarian or vegan food. If you require a specific food choice, please alert our safari team.
  10. Is there electricity at my camp/ lodge/ resort/ hotel? Yes, all our lodges have electricity points. Some lodges located in remote areas may not have grid-based electricity; thus they depend on solar or generators (in these areas, electricity may have on and off schedules).
  11. Can I access WiFi on my safari destinations? Yes, most safari destinations have WiFi in the lodges or public sites within some popular parks. Some locations may not have WiFi depending on whether grid-based electricity is available on site. If you require WiFi on a specific location or day; maybe for a video call or to send an urgent email; please alert our safari team for assistance.
  12. Can I get a local SIM Card on arrival? Yes, our safari team will assist you get a local SIM Card if you require one. It is pretty easy and fast to acquire a local SIM Card and only your passport is required.
  13. Do you provide a specific amount of water during safari? No, Bovid Africa Safaris will provide unlimited amounts of water in the vehicle at all times during your safari. For water provided in your hotel or lodge rooms, the accommodation facilities have their strategy. If you need to get extra water in your room, you can get from our safari guide for free or buy from the lodge at an extra cost.
  14. Are there mosquito nets in our rooms? Yes all lodges located in Malaria zones will have adequate mosquito nets or window screens for your maximum comfort.
  15. Can I store some of my luggage before starting my safari? Yes, we have safe storage rooms in our offices and can also arrange for you to store your extra bags in one of your hotels before starting your safari.
  16. What is the maximum luggage weight for my domestic flights within parks? Most airlines use smaller planes on the local flights. These have a weight limit of 15 kilos. You can pay for extra luggage on some of the flights. Please contact our safari team for advise on your specific luggage weight.

Please contact us today and enjoy a safari experience like no other; in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.